The Allman Brothers Taping Guidelines and Copyright Information

The Allman Brothers seem to play fast and loose with their taping policy, which seems to be the most unorthodox of the other bands listed below.  The only information I have ever been able to find concerning a “taping policy” is found here: The Allman Brothers Taping Guidelines.

It simply states:

The ABB support and encourage audio taping as long as it’s ok with the venue. There isn’t a taper’s section, or taper’s tix – record from your seat, being respectful of the person next to you.

Since the band allows the ability to freely trade live performances on their site, one statement stands out in their FAQ:

The Allman Brothers Band management has noticed a number of people listing Instant Live recordings for trade in the Tape Trading forums. This is illegal and will not be tolerated.

We will delete listings of Instant Live recordings for trade. Your account will be banned if you list an Instant Live recording for trade. If this continues, we will have to take more drastic action such as taking the days with Instant Live recordings out of the trading lists, or even removing the trading forums entirely from Hittin’ The Web.

I know that most of you understand this is illegal and do not tolerate it. Please report anyone trading Instant Lives to Rowland or Lana.

Thanks for your support and compliance with this. Let’s keep tape trading alive, folks!!

The language of “instant live recordings” refers to those individuals who are able to transmit the live performance on the Internet as a Podcast, Webcast, or other type of instantly-available stream, whether it is audio or video.  These types of streams are usually available through UStream, and are transmitted by a specific user, which makes that person subjected to copyright laws.  In rare occasions, a user on UStream can create a private “stream”, which is only accessible by a private link and requires password access.

Below is a video of The Allman Brothers at Wanee Music Festival in Live Oak, FL on 4/15/11 performing their hit “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”.  Enjoy!  🙂


~ by Jason Ewert on December 2, 2011.

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